10 Creative Curtain Ideas that will Transform your...

10 Creative Curtain Ideas that will Transform your Home

There are a number of different ways that you can get the curtains you want in your home while saving money and achieving a unique look at the same time.

  1. Repurpose your old Bed Sheets

If you want to save money on curtains, try repurposing some of your old colorful bed sheets as curtains. All you need is some basic sewing ability as well as an iron to turn your curtains into beautiful curtains you’ll love to have in your home.

  1. Use your Bracelets

You can also use some old bracelets you don’t wear much anymore as cuffs on your curtains to create a stylish and elegant look that your guests will be sure to take notice of. Simply place them around your drapery panels as tiebacks.

  1. Natural Curtain Rod

If you are really feeling daring and want to try something different, you can use a branch from around your home as a curtain rod. Branches can actually make for excellent curtain rods, and they will add a stylish yet rustic feel to your home’s interior.

  1. Thread your Curtains with Nautical Rope

By threading nautical rope through the holes in your curtains, you will create a great look to just about any room. You will find that this type of rope is very durable and can look great, especially in rooms that already have a nautical theme.

  1. Gold Chain Tieback

One of the best ways to add some sparkle to your curtains and indeed the rest of the room is to use a gold chain as a tieback on yours. A gold chain will actually be able to do a lot for the room’s overall aesthetic, and it is considered to be very fashionable right now.

  1. Stenciled Draperies

Another thing that many people are doing with their draperies at home is stenciling them. There are lots of different stencil options, so it’s encouraged that you explore some of them.

  1. Multi-colored ribbon streamers

Use multi-colored ribbon streamers as curtains for a room of your house that you want to inject some color into. Although this might seem a little bit out there, it could end up looking really nice and stylish.

  1. Stick together some blankets

If you have some nice-looking blankets that you don’t really use that often, you might want to consider repurposing them as window treatments. Those who have some basic sewing skills shouldn’t have a problem doing this.

  1. Paper Garland Valance

A paper garland valance can be a cheap way to dress up your windows, and it requires minimal effort.

  1. Shelf It

Consider hanging a shelf above your curtains as a nice additional place to keep some of your things. You can even attach the drapes to the bottom of the shelving so they are connected.


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