Five Great House & Swimming Pool Pairings

Five Great House & Swimming Pool Pairings

1. Most people get out of bed and jump straight into the shower…


At this property in Auckland, New Zealand, it looks even easier to dive straight into the pool than the shower for your morning wakeup. While the property is fairly simplistic in its design, you’ll notice the placement of water and bedroom also provides for stunning reflections. This is probably the most attainable option on the list, the others might be the sort of properties most of us will only ever admire from afar.

2. Cape Town’s finest view?


There’s not much we can say about this incredible property. We’ll let the picture do that talking.

3. Island life never looked so good


The ‘lavaflow 7’ house in Hawaii features a breathtaking combination of house and pool, with the long, thin pool design dividing the property in two. There are many inspiring views in Hawaii, but from an architectural point of view, this home has to be up there as one of the best.

4. Your own Spanish cliff-top paradise


This property, known as the ‘house on the cliff’, may have the best view of any house in the famous seaside resort of Alicante in Spain. You can’t see much of the property in this image, but take our word for it that the beautiful inside rooms feature views of the coastal cliffs that may be even better than the one you see here.

5. Mystery location with mesmerising pool


We have to admit, we don’t actually know where this stunning property is, although that’s probably for the best, because if we did, we’d be off to make a bid tomorrow! The architectural lines, colour and material choices of the house, combined with the striking pool setup, make this a beautiful property that most can only dream of.