How to Install a Sliding Glass Door at Home

How to Install a Sliding Glass Door at Home

Sliding doors can add to the beauty of your home when properly installed. When it comes to installing a sliding glass door however, many people often make mistakes. These mistakes, even if their minor can come back to hurt the beauty of your home or the longevity of the door’s quality in the long run. Here are some useful steps for how to install a sliding glass door yourself at home.

Step 1

First, get things in position to get the job started. It may sound obvious, but begin assembling the unit close to the opening if your door is shipped in parts, but also give yourself enough space to turn and manoeuvre parts during the process. Moving and lifting the unit parts can be difficult if you bought the entire system as a whole. For this reason, it is a good idea to ask a family member or friend to help you during the installation process.

Step 2

Next up is to prepare the opening. You should already have checked with authorities on whether a permit is required if you plan to cut an opening in your wall. It is also important to position a header over the opening after cutting it out. The function of the header is to support the load. Applying a header structure is a vital assignment that will need careful measurements and calculations to achieve your goal but it is doable yourself. In a case where you are exchanging an old door for something new, make use of a framing square to quickly check for problems. Make use of levels to resolve any misalignment problems. Some space should be provided for shimming. You can check for dry or wet damage and try to repair the affected area prior to putting your new door. Check for bent screws and old nail heads, get rid of unwanted shims and finally clean the area.

Step 3

Now is the time to install the frame. Right before the door opening, put the frame low on the ground. At the base of the frame, try to put some silicone caulk and nail flanges. The flame should be slowly lifted and positioned into the opening. Apply a nail within the upper right section when the frame is perfectly positioned to protect your door. Check the frame’s plumb by using a level before driving in your second nail. Remember that the 2nd nail can be placed beneath the frame’s left corner. Apply the flanges, provided the square of frame and plumb remain balanced. By pulling the base flange to the right or left, you can simply make adjustments to ensure squareness. Start driving the wood shims in and try to maintain a level.

Step 4

Installing the rest of the door is relatively simple provided the frame is properly installed. Now, go ahead to check the side of your jambs are all in good shape. Try to hammer in all nails as precisely as possible and put some caulking on holes that are drilled. Caulking will help your door to be waterproof. This should set the door up well.

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